Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour

Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour . Planning to conquer the highest peak of Java really needs a total preparation. Whether going in a private tour or a solo hiker, all Semeru hikers must be well-prepared. To be ready facing some unexpected events, these useful tips on Semeru trekking tour may help. First of all, pack the necessary things in your back. Hiking Semeru Mountain more or less is the same with hiking other mountains. The average tools such as tents, warm clothes, boots, torches, logistics, first aid kits, jackets, windbreaker, masks, and others are really needed in this tour.

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Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour

Semeru is an active volcano in Java, so don’t forget to check its activity level status. Other than the status, it is also important to check the weather. By knowing the weather, it could help in reducing the amount of stuff to be carried. It is also crucial to prepare the physical and mental of the body. Semeru trekking tour is a long trek that can’t be reached in a day. On the spot, hikers trek in groups. Know your group friends well. In case of getting lost or left behind, there will somebody who cares at least. During the trek there will be some rules. To survive, stick to the rules, but don’t be hesitate to any inconvenience during the tour.

During the trek, manage the time. Make sure you can reach each resting point during the dark. Night is a time when the body recharges, so cutting down the night means cutting down the energy to trek for the following day. Besides well-known for the enchanting view, Semeru is also well-known for its myth. Some myths are in prohibitions command, so stick to the myth because we never know what are behind those myths. Try to apply these tips in your Semeru trekking tour and let’s see what happens.

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