Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography

Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography. Mount Bromo is well known because of its extraordinary view. Every year, millions people around the world visit this mountain to testify the beauty of God creation and capture their moments there. Many travel agencies compete each other to provide Bromo tour package with special offers. One of them is by adding photography session. Today’s photography becomes a lifestyle and more popular. People always take their pictures to tell the world about what they do wherever they go. \

Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography

Surabaya Bromo Tour Photography

Bromo is an amazing mountain which has a lot of spots for photography, for example Penanjakan Bromo, Telletubies Hill, Whisper Sand, Savanna Grassland, and Seruni Peak. This top five are the most favorite spots for tourists. The Bromo tour package serves photography session in other unordinary spots, such as Batok Mountain. This one is not really popular because it is located behind Mount Bromo. Visitor can reach the top of the mount by riding a horse. The next spot is Luhur Poten Temple. Usually it is used by Tengger tribes to pray and hold a religion ceremony on 14th day of the first month and first night of first month, so tourists can do photography in the afternoon or night. The location is in the middle of vast caldera with Bromo Mountain as the background. Therefore, the result of photography will look very exotic. Another recommended place for taking pictures is Love Hill. The hill is impeccable for photo hunting especially at sunset. The orange tinge sky will produce dramatic images.

The scenery of Bromo landscape is soothing and stunning. Its magnificence never fails the visitors to fall in love with this beautiful mount. Taking pictures and visiting this mountain are the dreams for some people. Both are inseparable. Therefore, choosing Surabaya Bromo Tour which offers photography session is a very good decision for travelers who are crazy about photography.

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