Interesting Stuff Offered by Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Interesting Stuff Offered by Bromo Ijen Tour Package .Ijen Crater is located on the border between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. To reach Ijen Crater, tourists can arrive by plane in the nearest airport like Malang and Surabaya. After that, the travel can be continued by using public or rented transportations. It is not easy to reach this magnificent destination, but what you will see there is worth all the effort. In Bromo Ijen tour package, there are many wonders of nature you will see. One of them is the blue fire. Blue fire that occurs in this crater is actually the reaction between oxygen and sulfur when they reach a certain temperature. It can be seen only on 2-3 am.

Point Of Interesrt Of Bromo Ijen Crater TOur

Not only enjoying the natural panorama, you can also watch the sulfur miners’ activity there. They usually go to the bottom of the crater to collect mounds of sulfur. After collecting a sufficient amount, they carry the sulfur on their backs and place them on top of the mountain. This is done conventionally, therefor needing much courage and strength. Other than that, you can watch the sunrise every morning from Mount Ijen. Still wondering what else the Mount Bromo Tour and Ijen blue flame tour package offers? Just continue reading.

Ijen Crater has so many photogenic spots around it. Moreover, if you have the chance to see blue fire, you can definitely use it as a photography object. Want something unique? You can find “human taxis” around Ijen Crater. Don’t imagine traveling on piggybacks. Human taxis are caddies that you can ride with the assistance of a miner who pushes it. After enjoying Ijen Crater and the area that surrounds it, you can enjoy coffee in a nearby village called Dusun Lerek. The type of coffee served is Robusta. You can even pick your own coffee beans if you want to. Well, Bromo Ijen tour package offers so many interesting stuffs. You will never regret to pick Bromo as your next destination.

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