Arfak Incident – The Reason Behind Free Papua Movement (OPM)

West Papua news – Becoming a part of the Republic of Indonesia, the Free Papua Movement (OPM) /free west Papua has begun to operate. The movement is associated from the history of Japanese colonialism in the Papua region.

In similar time with Japan’s withdrawal, the Dutch changed the Papua Battalion to Nederlandsch Indie Civil Administratie (NICA) in effort to seize the colony. The establishment of NICA purposes to fight Indonesian side in time with military aggression between Indonesian and Netherlands. When west Papua conflict pulled over United Nations attention, The Dutch launched the Papoea Vrijwiligers Corps (PVK) which contains Anti-Indonesian soldiers. This corp were trained and holding weapon west Papua independence.

In fact, Papuan people at that time mostly choiced to become a part of Indonesia. When United Nations handed over the Papua to Indonesia on 1 May 1963, the political activities of PVK was scattered by president Soekarno. Unfortunately, Indonesia reacted with intimidation and violence.

As Indonesia was in turbulence because of the strong influence of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), a number of Papuans carried out the Free Papua Movement  who were previously the members of PVK. This movement signed the peak of the declaration of Free Papua Movement. In further, OPM is led by PVK Sergeant to excecute a rebellion in Manokwari and Inland of Arfak.

PVK, then, attacked Indonesian soldiers exactly on July 26.  The soldiers fought on every Papuan they met and many innocent people become sacrifices of the Arfak Incindent. Rensponding this incident, Indonesian estalished military opertaions due to fight PVK.

The conflict between Indonesian military and PVK occured in subsequent years. In dealing with the rebellion in Papua, the millitary did cruel ways of dealing with the rebellion in Papua. Thus, this incident become a dark history in the minds of the Papua people which was handed down from generation to generation. They think that  Indonesia is brutal and cruel.

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