Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour

Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour . Planning to conquer the highest peak of Java really needs a total preparation. Whether going in a private tour or a solo hiker, all Semeru hikers must be well-prepared. To be ready facing some unexpected events, these useful tips on Semeru trekking tour may help. First of all, pack the necessary things in your back. Hiking Semeru Mountain more or less is the same with hiking other mountains. The average tools such as tents, warm clothes, boots, torches, logistics, first aid kits, jackets, windbreaker, masks, and others are really needed in this tour.

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Best Tips For Mount Semeru Trekking and Climbing

Useful Traveling Tips To Mount Semeru Trekking Tour

Semeru is an active volcano in Java, so don’t forget to check its activity level status. Other than the status, it is also important to check the weather. By knowing the weather, it could help in reducing the amount of stuff to be carried. It is also crucial to prepare the physical and mental of the body. Semeru trekking tour is a long trek that can’t be reached in a day. On the spot, hikers trek in groups. Know your group friends well. In case of getting lost or left behind, there will somebody who cares at least. During the trek there will be some rules. To survive, stick to the rules, but don’t be hesitate to any inconvenience during the tour.

During the trek, manage the time. Make sure you can reach each resting point during the dark. Night is a time when the body recharges, so cutting down the night means cutting down the energy to trek for the following day. Besides well-known for the enchanting view, Semeru is also well-known for its myth. Some myths are in prohibitions command, so stick to the myth because we never know what are behind those myths. Try to apply these tips in your Semeru trekking tour and let’s see what happens.

Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography

Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography. Mount Bromo is well known because of its extraordinary view. Every year, millions people around the world visit this mountain to testify the beauty of God creation and capture their moments there. Many travel agencies compete each other to provide Bromo tour package with special offers. One of them is by adding photography session. Today’s photography becomes a lifestyle and more popular. People always take their pictures to tell the world about what they do wherever they go. \

Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Offers the Incredible Photography

Surabaya Bromo Tour Photography

Bromo is an amazing mountain which has a lot of spots for photography, for example Penanjakan Bromo, Telletubies Hill, Whisper Sand, Savanna Grassland, and Seruni Peak. This top five are the most favorite spots for tourists. The Bromo tour package serves photography session in other unordinary spots, such as Batok Mountain. This one is not really popular because it is located behind Mount Bromo. Visitor can reach the top of the mount by riding a horse. The next spot is Luhur Poten Temple. Usually it is used by Tengger tribes to pray and hold a religion ceremony on 14th day of the first month and first night of first month, so tourists can do photography in the afternoon or night. The location is in the middle of vast caldera with Bromo Mountain as the background. Therefore, the result of photography will look very exotic. Another recommended place for taking pictures is Love Hill. The hill is impeccable for photo hunting especially at sunset. The orange tinge sky will produce dramatic images.

The scenery of Bromo landscape is soothing and stunning. Its magnificence never fails the visitors to fall in love with this beautiful mount. Taking pictures and visiting this mountain are the dreams for some people. Both are inseparable. Therefore, choosing Surabaya Bromo Tour which offers photography session is a very good decision for travelers who are crazy about photography.

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages Join With Other People

Bromo Midnight Tour Package is perfect for you to only have a short vacation time, because the Bromo Midnight tour package only takes one day to enjoy the tour to Mount Bromo. But with this bromo tour package you can already vacation to Mount Bromo to enjoy a variety of tourist destinations in the Mount Bromo region such as the beautiful scenery of Sunrise from the top of Mount Bromo ascent, Bromo Crater, Teletubbies Hill, Savanna, and Whispering Sand can all be taken and enjoyed in one trip.

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages Join With Other People

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages Join With Other People

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages Join With Other People. Pick-up starts at 23.00-24.00 WIB either from the city of Malang, Kota Batu, Surabaya city with a pick-up address on demand in the 3 areas of the city.

Pick-up can also be in public places such as the Station / Airport / Bus Terminal or also the hotel where the overnight participants will immediately transfer to the park.

After arriving in the area of ​​Mount Bromo usually in Wonokitri or Penanjakan, for the next will be followed by Jeep Bromo 4wd ride to enjoy the beauty of Sunrise (Sunrise) and also the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo and beautiful places around the mountain Bromo such as Padang Savana, Bukit Teletubbies , Whispering Sand and Bromo Crater.Recommended tour package services like this, you can find on the website

The holidays will be more fun if crowded or with a group, What if you do not have friends or groups to go to Bromo? The combined package to Bromo is a great package option if you do not have friends or groups with little to travel to Bromo, Open Trip (Sharing Trip with other people) is a trip combined with other participants to save money and get friends, new families.

Adventure Mount Rinjani Trekking

Do you like adventure, challenge or anything like that? If yes you can try to climb one of the highest active volcanoes in Indonesia that is Mount Rinjani Trekking. The mountain that adorns almost the entire surface of Lombok Island is indeed known as one of the destinations of expeditions, vacations, ascent and adventure are very challenging. It is none other because of the beauty of natural scenery and several trekking tracks that spur adrenaline. There are at least 3 routes to the summit of Rinjani where each route has its own characteristics, beauty and challenges so that climbers will not be bored to always visit and climb Mount Rnjani every year.

On the way to the summit there are many terrain that you need to go from the wilderness, valleys, steep cliffs, savannah, plantations, wilderness and various other fields that are not less extreme like a child or seawater is actually a lake above the altitude of thousands meters above sea level. In the various fields you can enjoy the trip by looking at the incredible natural scenery that is served from the height of Rinjani. In addition, in some places or camps anhda can also do various fun activities and other interesting such as fishing, camping or bathing in natural hot springs located around Segara Anak.

The tourists and climbers will be guided directly by local guides who have mastered the area of ​​Mount Rinjani well so that the climbers need not worry lost in the middle of the journey. If it is so then you just need to prepare the best climbing equipment you have such as gloves, jacket or warm clothes, scarves, backpacks, camping equipment, tents and various other supporting equipment. During the journey to the summit at an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level you will get new sensations and experiences that will never be forgotten during your life. Especially if you have reached the top, you will see a landscape that is extraordinarily beautiful. You can see 3 beautiful mountains at once scattered in 3 different islands of Mount Raung, Mount Tambora and Mount Agung.