6 Tourist Attractions in Mount Bromo and Surroundings of the Famous

6 Tourist Attractions in Mount Bromo and Surroundings of the FamousMount Bromo is one of the most popular types of active volcanoes in East Java and is one of the best Indonesian tourism in the world. Entering as one of the areas of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Mount Bromo is different from Mount Semeru. Because Mount Bromo is more synonymous with mountain tourism than Mount Semeru which is more identical to the mountain for climbing. Many travel agents offer tour packages by visiting 6 tourist attractions on Mount Bromo and surrounding areas through the Mount Bromo Tour Package. Here are some tourist spots around Mount Bromo that are popular and frequently visited.

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6 Tourist Attractions in Mount Bromo and Surroundings of the Famous

1. Mount Bromo Crater

Mount Bromo Crater One of the main destinations for tourists who come to Mount Bromo is to climb to the top. From the peak, you will see the crater of Mount Bromo which is still very active.

The peak can be achieved with enough struggle. You will indeed find many horse owners who will rent horses to take you. But the horse can only stop before the stairs.

While the steps are what will take you to the top of the mountain. The view on the summit is a direct view of the Bromo crater. The smell of the crater will be felt if the activity on the mountain is high.

2. Whispering Sand

Whispering Sand The next tourist spot in the famous Mount Bromo Tourism area is Whispering Sand. From the name maybe you can already imagine how the conditions of this one tourist point.

Whispering Sand is one area around Mount Bromo that contains sand. This sand is very unique and is one of the advantages of Mount Bromo Tourism because if exposed to the wind, sand will create a very distinctive wind hissing sound.

Therefore, this area is called Whispering Sand. In addition, this place is also very interesting for photography objects. This whispering sand only exists in Bromo, while other mountains do not have similar phenomena.

3. Bromo Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Bromo HillSome mountains in Indonesia do have grassland areas that are similar to the teletubbies television series. Likewise with Mount Bromo. There is also an area called Bukit Teletubbies.

This hill is located in the southern part of Mount Bromo. This area is also part of the main route if you want to visit the savanna from Mount Bromo.

The view from Teletubbies Hill is very charming. This green expanse that looks very soft will remind you of the Teletubbies television series. Besides this place is also a popular place in the tourist area of ​​Bromo itself.

4. Climbing 1

Penanjakan 1 Many people are willing to go all the way to Bromo just to enjoy the atmosphere of the sun rising from there. Indeed the atmosphere of the sunrise at Bromo is very beautiful if you visit at the right time.

One of the Travel Tips to Bromo to look for the sunrise at Bromo is by visiting Penanjakan 1. Penanjakan 1 is a location in the western part of the Tengger mountains.

Penanjakan 1 is very famous. To get there, you need to take a jeep. If using a motorbike, you should not use a matic bicycle because it is less safe for the trip. At least you have to arrive at Penanjakan 1 in the early morning so as not to miss the sunrise moment.

5. Climbing 2

Penanjakan 2 Enjoying the atmosphere of the Tengger mountains and waiting for the moment of the sunrise around Mount Bromo can also be done at Penanjakan 2. Penanjakan 2 is an alternative for those of you who take the Probolinggo route.

Penanjakan 2 is sunrise view pont which is lower than Penanjakan 1. Even so, waiting for the sunrise at this place will still be pleasant. If the weather is good, the sunrise at Penanjakan 2 is equally beautiful as Penanjakan 1.

To get to Penanjakan 2, you don’t have to bother as when going to Penanjakan 1. Because access to Penanjakan 2 is easier. But of course tourists in Penanjakan 2 will be more crowded.

6. Savana Grassland

Savana GrasslandThe savanna field is a green field that is very wide and beautiful. Most savannahs do exist on mountains or plateaus. Mount Bromo also has a beautiful Savana Meadow. Its location is in the eastern part of Mount Bromo Tourism.

You can find a large area surrounded by a green valley. This savannah will make you more calm. Moreover, there are white weeds that make the landscape even more beautiful.

The location is in the Jemplang valley. You can get there faster if you take the route from Malang. This place is also an interesting place for photos. Because the beauty is very charming.

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